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What to expect during a legal consultation

Are you wondering if a situation in which you were involved is worth taking legal action but you are not sure if it is worth having a legal consultation? Perhaps you think legal action is necessary but you just do not know how to get started.

We can help!

First, call our office and let our receptionist know that you would like a consultation. Our receptionist will direct your call to a lawyer for a free consultation. During the call, there is no pressure and no obligation. The lawyer will ask questions and gather information to assess your claim. The lawyer will also give you an overview of what to expect and answer any questions you may have. If the lawyer believes you have a case, he or she will set up an in-person meeting to discuss the legal process in more detail.

When you come to the office for the initial meeting, the receptionist will ask you for two pieces of identification, usually your driver’s license and health card. Our receptionist will also confirm your phone number and address for your file.

Initial Meeting

At the initial meeting, the lawyer will ask more questions to determine the specifics of your case including a detailed explanation about the events leading to your injury, the steps that were taken following the incident (i.e. did you seek medical attention?) and your past medical history.

The lawyer will also explain the legal process in more detail and answer any questions you may have. If both you and the lawyer decide to move forward, you will be asked to sign papers that will formally form a lawyer-client relationship.

If you decide to formalize the lawyer-client relationship, you will also be asked to sign authorizations so that the lawyer can request records that will be used as evidence in your case. One example of the type of records that are usually requested are your family doctor’s clinical notes and records from three years pre-incident to date. A few other examples of the records that are normally requested include the police report, hospital records, and employment records.

If you are unsure of what to ask in the initial meeting or in the initial telephone call, you can read some of our most asked questions here:  “What to ask a personal injury lawyer at the first meeting” ??

Do you still have questions? We are here to answer questions and concerns via email to [email protected] or call us at 905-529-6668.

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