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“DOWN” Chapter 1 (The Ground) “Kenny, RUN!” said Kenny’s mom one late afternoon.  Kenny had been prepared for this.  He grabbed the backpack on the corner of his bed and he ran downstairs. He opened the front door and the ground cracked open in front of him.  “Mom, there’s no way out!” yelled Kenny.  His [...]

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My Vast View

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My vast view The blades of grass  fly Slowly swaying Quietly escaping swiftly, calmly flying by   I look farther to the vast view I see sunflowers call out to me Swaying calmly like the open sea They match equivalently to the sky’s blue   I look out to focus on my surroundings I view [...]

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The Colour

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T H E C O L O U R . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I m a g i n e a w o r l d w i t h o u t c o l o u r . . . This was a world where you didn't see colour until about five. Where the colours [...]

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Helpless, I watch as her pale, sunken face contorts in pain, as her broken body begins clicking back into place, as she is being remade. She kneels in the center of the bright stadium, scraping at the dirt as if it were the only thing tying her to this world, this harsh reality. She looks [...]

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The End

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The End “Come on Jason, buy the camera!” Noah taunted as they approached the next tacky white table at Mr.Moran’s garage sale. “Fine,” Jason agreed while picking up the rusty old camera, “But only because you dared me to.” The camera was heavy in his hands and a feeling in his gut told him that [...]

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Lessons Learned During COVID-19 

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1  Lessons Learned During COVID-19  Without a doubt, adapting to this new Covid environment has been a struggle for many  people over the past few months. Learning new ways of learning and not being able to interact  with friends and family has had a huge impact on our overall well-being. Having to adjust to this  [...]

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How long had it been? One year? Three years? Five years? Longer than that? Time blurred together in my mind as I tried to think about how long I have been friends with him. The tall, funny, charming (in his own way), slightly nerdy but cute boy next door. Charlie had moved into the house [...]

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