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CPP Disability Benefits

The Canadian Pension Plan Disability benefit (“CPPD”) is a government benefit that provides a monthly benefit where you are disabled and unable to work.

To be eligible for the Canadian Pension Plan Disability benefit you must be under age 65, have made enough contributions to CPP, have a mental and physical disability that stops you from working and that disability is long term and indefinite or likely to result in death.

The first two steps (age 65 and contributions) are straight forward. The last two steps (disability and duration) each require evidence that demonstrates the nature of the disability as well as its expected duration. This evidence must come in the form of a medical certificate completed by your doctor or specialist and can also include notes or records from doctors or specialists. This evidence must show you have a severe and prolonged disability as set out in the CPP legislation.

If you have dependent children, you can also receive an additional monthly payment if they are under 18 or between 18-25 and attending school full time.

It can take up to 4 months for a decision to be made. If your application is denied, you have the right to a reconsideration and then an appeal. During both stages you can provide further evidence of entitlement. An experienced lawyer can help build your appeal and represent you through the process.

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