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Alyssa From Binbrook

Emily From Hamilton 

Brynn From Brantford

Serena From Binbrook

Ayva From Hamilton

Paige From Callande


Lilly From Burlington

William From Ancaster 

Eva From Hamilton


“DOWN” Chapter 1 (The Ground) “Kenny, RUN!” said Kenny’s mom one late afternoon.  Kenny had been prepared for this.  He grabbed the backpack on the corner of his bed and he ran downstairs. He opened the front door and the ground cracked open in front of him.  “Mom, there’s no way out!” yelled Kenny.  His mom yelled back “Go to the side door”. Kenny did as he was told.  He ran to the side door and out he went with his bold orange shoes with the laces flowing in the cold breeze.   Chapter 2 (The Older Man) “Everyone, it’s happening” Kenny screamed.  Everyone in the town ran into their [...]

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Grace From Binbrook

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