My vast view

The blades of grass  fly

Slowly swaying

Quietly escaping

swiftly, calmly flying by


I look farther to the vast view

I see sunflowers call out to me

Swaying calmly like the open sea

They match equivalently to the sky’s blue


I look out to focus on my surroundings

I view the swallows who soar

With the wind, the loud and roar

Listen to the birds’ soundings


Watch the river flow and trickle

Down the stone-lined path

Though this river does not know of such wrath 

So smooth and glacial, almost a prickle


I stand back and watch the berries grow 

The red tones against my palm

Remind me of a baby dear, a doe

Like a doe, sweet and calm


I make my way home

I say goodbye to the blue

I leave the grass to roam

I release my palm from the berry’s hue

I say goodby to the river with little foam

I’ve seen how much the sunflowers grew

I’ve seen how the swallows’ wings are shown

So long my vast view 


My Vast View 

I’m back home 

I hear the owls in the trees

I see the fallen autumn leaves

I missed this place, felt so alone


I feel the brisk fall air against my cheek

I still see the swallows soar above

Each of their calls sound like love

I  see a swallow atop the mountain peak


Blades of  grass covered by leaves 

As if not to be seen

To protect their pastel green

Snowflakes right around the corner are colour theives


I see the corpses of fallen sunflowers

Once bright coloured yellow

I still hear them call out hello

Mother Nature has such strange powers


The river left with little speed

Hardly any water trickles past

On the stone lined path, llittle but fast

I slowly inspect each water bead


I see my wilted berries

There is now little red

Yet still round, like a bobblle’s head

I look up to see snow in my palm dancing down like little snow fairies


I walk towards what was my meadow

I lay my blanket down

Stare at the sky and crunch a brown leaf as snow comes down

Snowflakes approach my face as if to say hello


I missed my view

The sky the trees

The sunflowers, the creek, the berrys, and the bees

I missed the place of Mother Nature’s brew


Now I must go

It was good seeing you 

Thank you to my place for a wonderful show

For I must leave once more My Vast View