T H E C O L O U R .


I m a g i n e a w o r l d w i t h o u t c o l o u r . . . This was a world where you didn’t see

colour until about five. Where the colours you saw changed every once in

a while, they could be vivid or faded or neon or inverted or even flashing

different colours. The sick or broken did not see any colour. And some

people were different.

Different like Stella. Stella saw her colours at birth and her little face

had lit up when she saw them. Eventually Stella grew older. Stella’s oldest

sibling Brandon was in his final year of highschool and Her Older sister

Avery was in her third year of highschool. Stella also had two little

brothers, Travis and Edmond, both in elementary school with her. She got

along decently with her siblings and they all loved each other. She and her

siblings had a great life and each had great plans for their futures. She

hoped her ability to see all the colours would help her a little. Stella knew

she was special, but Stella did not know how important her role in the

future was.

Stella is now 13 and in eighth grade. She walked alongside her younger

siblings on their way to school. In her right hand she held on to Edmonds

soft hand, in the other she held his backpack. Edmond was very tiny and

his backpack got very heavy for him, although he was only in senior

kindergarten, he was expected to grow more. Stella made sure to spend

lots of time with him so she could see his face when he first sees his


“Slow down Travis!” called Edmond.

In front of them sped their 9 year old brother Travis. He was in the fourth

grade and tended to rush things. He always felt like he had to do things

earlier because he saw his colours at 6, that was pretty late considering

almost everyone saw colours at 5.

“But we’re gonna be late!” he replied

“We are not going to be late Travis” Stella reassured him

As they walked through the park Stella gently tugged Edmonds hand to

walk a little faster to catch up to Travis, her colours changed. Stella had

only once seen in all black an white since the day she was born and her

colours usually changed twice a day. Today her colours were bright and

vivid although she saw a symbol on the lamp post in a colour she never

saw before. She was confused at first then was brought back to attention

when Edmond tugged her hand to tell her it was time to cross the street.

They crossed the street and Stella decided she would look at the symbol

after school.

When Stella sat down at her desk she was informed by Mrs.Burns that

today they would be doing the colours test. Everyone in eighth grade was

required to do the colours test. It was a standardized test. After she

spread her desk apart from the others and she was handed a white paper

booklet. Then she was handed some bulky glasses. These glasses were

specially designed to make you see the colours you already have on the

paper. Stella assumed that most of her classmates would have many of

their boxes empty because she knew that she could see many more

colours than the others. Stella put on the big bulky glasses and got down

to business. She had checked off every box in the paper booklet and

flipped over to the last page.

She paused

The colour she saw this morning on the lamp post was stamped crookedly

into the back of the book along with writing in the same colour that read

“ If you can see this you can see all the colours. You have two options.

1.) Join us. Go to the park after school and follow the symbol in T he Colour .

when you find the final place meet us there at 11:37 pm. Sharp.

2.) Leave it alone and by tomorrow you will forget about all of this and not

be able to see T he Colour .

Stella was very confused. At least it described the symbol on the lamp.

Stella knew where to start.

After Stella got through her nail-biting, anxious day, she took her younger

brothers home and left them with her older sister and brother Brandon

and Avery who came home from highschool earlier. They thankfully

understood she wanted to go to play at the park. Or so they thought. She

took her phone and left. She hated having to carry her phone everywhere

with her, but she needed to in case of an emergency.

She walked through the park until she found the lamp post. She studied

the sign and made out a dragon-like creature with two swords through it.

Under the symbol she saw an arrow pointing towards the creek. She

followed the arrow and was surprised when she got there to see red

streaking from under the bridge. “There must be a source,” she thought.

She followed the trail under the bridge and looked up to see a dispenser

like thing camouflaged into the underside of the bridge. On it was a rolled

up note attached to a string. It hung over the water and Stella knew she

would not be able to reach it without getting very wet. She also could not

climb too well and would probably fall off. At last she decided that she

could make a makeshift net out of her jacket, considering that the note

looked laminated. She tied the sleeves to sticks and took off her shoes and

wadded into the brook and stuck the sticks into the ground, positioned to

catch the dispenser when it fell. She grabbed a couple rockets to throw at

the dispenser. She secretly hoped that some of the colour stayed in it and

didn’t dilute so she could put it on a paper and put it somewhere in her

room. She missed the first time she threw a rock but the second was spot

on and knocked the dispenser off the underside of the bridge. The

dispenser fell into the water and floated right into Stella’s jacket trap.

Stella ran to retrieve it. She grabbed the dispenser and studied the area

where the rock hit it. There was a small dent but most damage was only

minimal. It took her a solid 10 minutes to find the off switch and turn the

dispenser off. Someone had cleverly designed the dispenser with the

ability to camouflage. Her phone beeped meaning it was time to start

heading home.

As she carried the dispenser home in her soaking jacket Stella thought

about a possible excuse for her wet jacket.

After Stella got home she took off her shoes and went through the

mudroom into the laundry room. She untied to note and slipped it into her

pocket. She hid the dispenser cleverly underneath a hat in her cubby. She

rinsed her jacket of any dirt from the brook and put it to dry in the dryer.

She went to her room and put her note under her pillow along with a

flashlight. She completed her homework, played with Edmond and had

dinner with her family when her parents got home from work. After

everyone went to bed Stella untied the string that was the same colour as

the symbol and read the note.

Meet us at the park under the bridge. Stand on the sewer grate at 11:36

and when the time is 11:37 you will meet us. Good luck. Don’t get caught.

Stella was surprised when the string that she untied the paper from made

a quiet pop and smoothly started to un-compacted like the towels that

you put in water and they expand. Stella waited patiently for the string to

stop expanding and after 15 seconds Stella was excited to find a bodysuit

that wasT he Colour . She put it on and it was strangely her exact size. The

suit came with built in shoes that were lighter than a cloud, a hood that

came with a mask and several hidden pockets and that had a touchpad in

on her right forearm that had heating and cooling, different suit features

like sticky-suit mode, glowing-suit mode, finger flashlights, under-water

mode, invisible mode, self sizing, rescue, transportation and more. Stella

figured that T he Colour might be invisible to people already but she

thought invisible mode was still pretty cool.

Stella brushed her hair into a tight ponytail and shoved her good luck

charm into her pocket. Her phone was with Avery and Brandon’s phones

and Travis and Edmond’s Ipads away somewhere downstairs where her

parents confiscated them each night, so she couldn’t bring that. She

supposedly already had a rescue function so she could use that.

Stella left her window unlocked earlier, popped the screen out and opened

it a crack. Now she fully opened it and stepped outside into her backyard.

Stella walked and when she reached the park she went straight under the

bridge and started to look for the sewer cover. It took her a little bit to find

the grate, it happened to be in the water. Stella tried out her new

underwater mode so she did not get wet. It felt weird to go in the water

and not get wet. Stella was confused as she had to stand on the grate in

the first place. She checked her watch and saw she was ten minutes early.

She played a bit with her new suit and when the time came at exactly 11:37

writing in T he Colour was projected from somewhere that read “Hold your


“Hold your brea-?”

Stella barely had time to react when the grate slid open from under her

feet. She inhaled as much air as she could and fell down.

The inside did not smell nearly as bad as she would have thought.

Although that may have been because some water went up her nose

falling down. The inside was like a water slide. Just when Stella was about

to run out of breath she came down and got more water up her nose. She

stood up and a puddle of water came out of her nose and onto the floor

next to the water slide thing.

She looked up to see an old man and a woman standing near the far end

of the room. The room itself was not big and bright but easily could fit 25

people. Stella realized that people of various ages stood all around the

room, all looking at her. Some of them even looked familiar. She looked

down at the feet and said “Sorry.” She felt embarrassed. The oldest man

was pushed in his wheelchair by a woman slightly younger than him. He

looked pretty much normal except the huge scar on his arm and his

missing legs.

“Stella Bachman, Do you swear to risk your life for everyone to see equally,

and to cure the blind?” He croaked in a tough voice.

Stella remembered Violet, her blind friend who is now in the hospital. She

begged to see colour and wished for it every time she got the chance.

Stella remembered the tears coming for her white milky eyes.

“Yes, I swear to risk my life for sight equality and to help the blind.”

To Be Continued…