The End

“Come on Jason, buy the camera!” Noah taunted as they approached the next tacky white table at
Mr.Moran’s garage sale.
“Fine,” Jason agreed while picking up the rusty old camera, “But only because you dared me
The camera was heavy in his hands and a feeling in his gut told him that something was off. He
ignored it foolishly and continued to give a wrinkled 20 dollar bill to Mr.Moran before walking
down his steep driveway.
The newly summer night air was cool and by the time they two boys arrived at the Morrez
household, the tips of their noses were tinted a faded red. The two boys reached Jason’s room
and once they closed the door behind them, Noah picked up the camera. After three vibrant
flashes from Jason’s bedroom window, the camera was chucked out onto the front yard and the
street went silent.
Jason and Noah were the first two of four who went missing during the span of a week. Two
teenagers named Loren Forbes and Justin Jones were found taking pictures on the same camera
the day before they went missing. My name’s Sabrina, and me and my friends, Kenzie and
Lucas, seem to be the only ones who noticed the disappearances of the four teens. Once Loren
and Justin were abducted, I set out on my way to find the camera so no one else went missing. I
found it laying plain sight, sitting peacefully on the sidewalk in front of Cape Cod Highschool.
Without thinking, I picked the heavy object up in my hands and ran to find Kenzie and Lucas at
As usual, I found them in the basement looking over the pictures of the missing, dissecting every
little detail.
“Guys, look what I found.” I exclaimed panting as I dropped the camera on the chipped, wooden
The two of them scooched their seats closer to examine the object.
Lucas turned around and retrieved his laptop from his bag, “Have you looked over the photos
yet? I want to upload them to my computer so we can have a closer look.”
“Not yet. I think we’re about to find out where they went.” A small smile crept upon my face
with just the thought of it.
“Well hurry up then!” Kenzie said impatiently.
Lucas was able to upload the remaining photos onto his laptop and we all huddled around the
screen, ready to see what had happened. The pictures slowly began to show on the screen, but
they were full of just unbelievably terrible poses from Jason followed by two or three cheesy
pictures from Loren and Justin.
I sighed, “Great! Now what?”
“Hold on a second.” Kenzie said shoving Lucas out of the way. She zoomed in on a corner of
Jason’s room where a dark shadow smiled with faded white teeth overtop of Jason, seeming to
inch closer as each picture was taken.
“What is that?” Lucas asked.
I shrugged as a shiver of fear ran down my spine, “Maybe that’s what took them.”
A few hours later, we decided to form a plan to retrieve the missing kids. We all sat around the
island table in Kenzie’s house while her parents were at work, talking over every detail. After
hundreds of turned down ideas, I had one that made the two stop.

“You’re insane Sabrina! What if we never come back?!” Lucas protested.
“Then let’s hope that the camera takes us home, along with the others. If not, all we can do is
hope for another group of kids to find a better way.” I pushed the idea as hard as I could.
“You can’t be serious.” Kenzie gave a disapproving look, “Who else in this lame town has
recognized the disappearances. If we go and never come back, that’s that!”
“This plan is more efficient than any other that we’ve come up with all day. This is what we need
to do.”
It took the two a minute or so to think about any other way we could save them, but they came
up empty and eventually nodded their heads to signal that they gave in.
“Meet me at the school park at 8 later tonight.” I grabbed my backpack and the camera before
calmly leaving Kenzie’s house and returning back to my own.
I watched the clock as the digits switched to 8 and I sprang out of bed. I bolted down the stairs,
not even acknowledging my parents out of anxiousness and excitement. As I sprinted down and
through the town, my mind began to fog with hesitation. Were we making the right decision?
This wasn’t something I could worry about for much longer because the school was just around
the corner. My eyes focussed on two concerned teenagers, Kenzie and Lucas, whose eyes shot up
to mine as I sprinted closer.
“Do you have the camera?” Lucas asked.
I held it up in my hands by it’s black felted string, “Wouldn’t leave without it.”
Kenzie stood nervously, her voice shaking, “Can we do this already?”
I nodded my head and we stood huddled together. My hand shook as I clicked the silver, circular
button and I immediately held it close to my chest. The ground beneath us broke into a large
black hole and the camera shook furiously in my hands, trying to escape my grasp. We started
falling in the dark abess. I tried to take in the surroundings of the hole that was bringing us down,
but it was pitch black. The pit opened up again to show a dusty, stone ground. My back hit the
rocks, knocking my breath out of me. As I gasped for air, I sat up to see Lucas and Kenzie sitting
cautiously next to me. The room we laid in was big, so big that the darkness absorbed the walls
and the ceiling seemed to be too far away to recognize.  A single line of small torches
surrounding us was the only source of light.
“Where are we?” Lucas asked.
We heard a choir of gasps behind us before a shadowed figure appeared against the walls, “ I see
you’re finally awake.”
The voice was dark and raspy, sending chills up and down my back. I turned around to see a man
in a black coat smiling that same haunting grin as the shadowed figure in the pictures of Jason. A
white mask covered the rest of his features.
“Who are you?” I asked standing up, my knees buckling and my stomach filling with a fluttering
sensation. But it wasn’t butterflies, it was more like bats.
“I’m Shadow and this,” He gestured around the room, “Is the end.”
I gave a look to Lucas and Kenzie and they abruptly stood on their feet.
“You see,” Shadow continued, “You kids are so brutally obsessed with your technology.
Spending all of your time on Instachat and Snapgram.”
“Actually it’s-” Kenzie tried to correct.
“Enough!” Shadow came closer to us, more specifically to Lucas. I tried to keep my small smile
from showing, he was acting perfectly to our plan, “You’ve been throwing your life away, and
now you must pay for the consequences.”

“What consequences? Is there a torcher room or something?” Lucas asked while approaching
“Your consequences take place right here.” He held out a bony finger and dug it in Lucas’ chest,
“No food, no water, just pure suffering.”
While his attention was focussed off of me and Kenzie, we made our way further into the dark
room to see four figures standing anxiously. As we came closer, we made out their details to the
missing; my spirits filled. I ordered them to stand in the same huddled position as me, Kenzie,
and Lucas did before we were sucked into the end.
“Geez, you’re evil.” Lucas said carrying on conversation and backing away from Shadow.
“I know!” He said with nothing but pure joy filling his notes. He turned his back to us, not
controlling his emotions.
“Then it’s a shame I won’t be here to see it.” Lucas jumped into our huddled group, “Go,
I held out the camera once again and clicked the button, fear filling every vain in my body. After
a blinding flash of light, the hole opened up once more and a tube absorbed us. After what felt
like a shorter journey back up to the ground, the tube opened back up and placed us back on the
scratchy grass. I sighed of relief and turned to face everyone else, who looked happier than ever.
I turned to Kenzie and Lucas, “I told you my plan would work.”
Jason grabbed the camera and held sturdy in his hands, “Why don’t we destroy this thing once
and for all?”
The collective group of us set a fire and threw the camera inside, watching it melt with our arms
around each other.
Finally, this was all over… or so we thought.