Brain Injuries

Often hidden… always complex

The effects of a brain injury can be as catastrophic as paralysis and as subtle as personality changes. Symptoms may be immediately evident or develop over time. In all cases, a brain injury can impact your relationships, job security and future health. You may find yourself unable to work…or live independently.

How bad will things get? And where will the money come from?

We’re experts in cases involving brain injuries.

Whether your brain injury was diagnosed or is suspected, you need a dedicated, experienced legal team to guide you through the complexities of the process, look out for your interests and fight for your rights.

Michael Lamont Personal Injury Law begins an intensive investigation right from the moment of the accident. We track down medical and rehabilitation records, obtain assessments from the most credible experts in head trauma, help you cope with documentation and calculation of damages, and offer advice—based on our decades of experience—as to the best route to safeguard your future.

We listen to you and your family members…assemble the best team possible…and stick with your claim until you’re offered a fair settlement.

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