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Critical Illness Claim Denial

Has Your Critical Illness Claim been Denied?

Lamont Law’s Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers in Hamilton, Ontario are here to help! Disabilities can be a result of various injuries or diseases or sickness whether physical, psychiatric or a combination of both. This can also result in a sudden loss of income, which can make it very difficult for a person to recover after they have been in a serious accident.

Disability insurance is meant to protect you and your loved ones in a situation where you are not able to work. In these circumstances you should be able to rely on your disability insurance benefits, however, far too often these claims are denied. The lawyers at Lamont law have the necessary skills and experience to analyze the technical clauses in your insurance policy and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Critical Illness policies are meant to protect you and your loved ones from financial hardship when you are diagnosed with an illness or condition that is covered by the policy.

Insurance Claims We Handle

We act for people who have been denied claims under the following types of policies:

If you have been injured in an accident that doesn’t allow you to continue working then you should be able to rely on your disability insurance benefits to support you and your family. If you have been denied these benefits, the lawyers at Lamont law will obtain the information and documentation required in order to dispute the disability insurance denials.

Common Causes of Insurance Denials

Here are a few common reasons that disability claims are denied:

  • Late Filing
  • Failure to communicate with insurer
  • Contractual Exclusion – Pre-existing condition exclusion clause
  • Insufficient Medical Evidence
  • Treatment Non-Compliance
  • Policy Exclusion
  • Surveillance from Private Investigator

Have you been denied coverage under a Critical Illness Policy?

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