Long Term Disability Benefits are intended to provide you with peace of mind and financial security when you unexpectedly find yourself unable to return to work due to an illness or disability.

Long Term Disability insurance is designed to provide a monthly income replacement benefit while you are totally disabled from returning to your pre-disability occupation, for the first 24 months following disability. After 24 months, often the terms of coverage change and at that point you must demonstrate you are totally disabled from returning to any occupation for which you are suited by education, training or experience. There are some policies that provide additional coverage where you are unable to return to your own occupation even beyond that 24-month period.

At Lamont Law, we have experience dealing with all types of Long Term Disability claims and advocate on behalf of those who find themselves unable to return to work due to an illness or disability. When you are totally disabled, your main focus ought to be your recovery, not continually worrying about your benefits being terminated despite your efforts to prove to an insurer that you are not able to return to work.

Have you been denied Long Term Disability Benefits? Were you receiving Long Term Disability Benefits but have had them terminated despite not being able to return to work?

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