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This form is digitally secure and private, however online communications do not alone establish a privledged solicitor-client relationship.
Any sensitive details may be better left undisclosed until we speak in person and are sure that  elements are in place to achieve privlidge.

It is important that you do not wait to speak to someone about your case.

In Ontario, there is a limited amount of time in which a person can act to claim their benefits and successfully reach a verdict in their favour.

The sooner you act, the higher the odds are that you will be successful in your pursuit of compensation. 

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44 Charlton Avenue West Hamilton, ON L8P 2C1


Monday—Friday: 9:00am—5:00pm

What can I expect when I come in for a meeting?
Our receptionist, Lisa, will greet you and direct you to one of our two meeting rooms.

Where do I park? 
We have parking in the front. We have moved into a century home and leave one or two spots open for our clients.

Is your building accessible?
Not yet. We are working on making our building accessible so in the meantime, we will come to you!

How often will I hear from my lawyer or paralegal?
It depends on your case. Some circumstances require a lot of communication; others less so. If you ever have a question or want an update, we encourage our clients to call us anytime.

I have been hurt but I do not know if I have a case?
Give us a call. We will ask questions and give our preliminary assessment as to whether or not you have a case.

What sets you apart from other Hamilton personal injury lawyers?
We are a family-run boutique firm specializing in personal injury law. We have over 75 years of experience. Some of our clients have experienced spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, others have experienced fractures and soft tissue injuries. We have helped clients in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, trip and falls and retail injuries (items falling from shelves). We listen to our clients, we vigorously advocate on their behalf and we ensure they receive fair compensation. 

I have a legal matter that is not related to personal injury but I trust the lawyer at your firm, should I still call? 

Yes! We work exclusively in personal injury
law but we can provide contact information for lawyers in other areas. Hamilton has a great group of lawyers and we can point you in the right direction if we are unable to help.

Do you honour referral fees? 

Yes! We appreciate when other lawyers think of us and we honour referral fees. The Law Society has provided direction regarding referral fees which can be found here:Law Society of Ontario


We NEVER charge for initial consultations. Please contact us knowing that you will not incure any costs for speaking with us. In most cases, you do not pay anything until we resolve your case.