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What Should I Do Immediately After A Car Accident?

Car crash dangerous accident on the road.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Hamilton and Ontario?

Car accidents are not an uncommon occurrence in Ontario and the city of Hamilton. According to a 2019 Annual Collision Report, Hamilton sees around 9,500 car crashes every year.

In 2020 , nearly 23,700 car accidents in Ontario caused bodily injury or death, according to a Preliminary 2020 Ontario Road Safety Annual Report released by the Ministry of Transportation.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident in the city of Hamilton or anywhere in Ontario, there are important and immediate steps you should take to protect yourself. First and foremost, you should turn on the hazard warning lights or use cones and warning triangles to alert oncoming vehicles of the accident scene and prevent further damage to you and your car.

1. Stop The Car

Canadian law requires motorists to stop the car when they are in an accident. If you were involved in a crash, take a deep breath, shift your vehicle into park and turn off the engine if the car is still drivable. Driving away from the scene of a car accident is a criminal offense under Section 252 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

2. Call The Police

When drivers are involved in a car crash, they have an obligation to report the accident to the police if anyone has been injured, the accident involves fatalities, property damage exceeds $2,000, or you suspect that the other driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs.

3. Photograph, Record & Document Every Detail

The evidence you collect at the scene of your accident is crucial for the success of any future claim. It is vital to document as much as you can, which may later be used to determine who is at fault for the collision. If you are able, take photos of the damage to the vehicles, skid marks, your injuries, surrounding area, and other relevant details. You should also exchange contact information with the drivers involved and talk to witnesses and write down their names and phone numbers.

4. Notify Your Insurance Immediately

Generally speaking, it is best to report your car crash to your insurance company as soon as possible. However, the deadline for notifying the insurance company varies greatly, as insurers have different policies regarding the requirement.

Many insurance companies in Ontario require drivers involved in car accidents to notify them of the crash within seven days.

5. Seek Medical Attention

Many people mistakenly believe that there is no need to visit a doctor if they feel fine after the accident. Often, symptoms of serious injuries may not be apparent at first. That is why it is crucial to seek medical attention and get checked out as soon as possible.

6. Seek Legal Advice

While seeking legal advice after a car crash is not mandatory, consulting with an experienced car accident lawyer can help you better understand the benefits available to you and your legal rights. A lawyer will help you make informed decisions to obtain accident benefits and the compensation to which you are entitled.

Looking For A Car Accident Lawyer in Hamilton?

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