Chapter 1

(The Ground)

“Kenny, RUN!” said Kenny’s mom one late afternoon.  Kenny had been prepared for this.  He grabbed the backpack on the corner of his bed and he ran downstairs. He opened the front door and the ground cracked open in front of him.  “Mom, there’s no way out!” yelled Kenny.  His mom yelled back “Go to the side door”. Kenny did as he was told.  He ran to the side door and out he went with his bold orange shoes with the laces flowing in the cold breeze.  

Chapter 2

(The Older Man)

“Everyone, it’s happening” Kenny screamed.  Everyone in the town ran into their homes leaving Kenny standing alone in the middle of the road. He has now just noticed that although he saved all these people, not a single person would save him.  He sat down on a ledge of a well, accepting his fate. “Boi, aren’t you ya coming? I would hate to see ya get stuck in them little crackadoodles” said an older man who was maybe in his mid-sixties.  He had a bald head, grey fluffy eyebrows with kind of dirty clothes and a long blue top with a brown vest that was too small for him but his jeans fit just right.  Kenny recognized that brown vest.  “Grandpa!! When did you get here?” Kenny asked.  “Well, let’s see…I was born…” the old man started but Kenny quickly interrupted.  “That’s not what I meant”.  The old man winked and asked “Then what did you mean?” They walked back to Kenny’s grandpa’s barn.  

They talked the whole time.  I mean, they had a lot to catch up on.  The last time they saw each other, Kenny was 6 and now he was almost 13! When they finally arrived at the barn, Kenny’s grandpa said to go to the side door.  Kenny went to the side door and when he walked in he saw that the barn was a mess.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, Kenny’s grandpa has never been neat but this – this was horrendous. The sink had parts of food in it.  Dirty plates surrounded the house.  Old dirty clothes were flung on almost every piece of furniture.  The couch had been ripped apart to the point where you could see the springs.  “Sorry, it’s a little bit messy in here.” Said Kenny’s grandpa as he kicked clothes out of the way and picked up dirty dishes to put them on the t.v. stand because there was no room on the coffee table.  “This place is a little…uh…run down” grandpa said sheepishly.  “It’s ok” replied Kenny.  Kenny always wondered why he didn’t keep his barn looking nice and clean and sturdy like it used to look.  I mean, for all he knew, this barn could fall apart at any moment.  

Chapter 3

(The Crash)

Kenny and his grandpa spent many hours talking and catching up.  They could hear the cracking of the ground outside.  Kenny’s grandpa told many stories, most of which started with “When I was young…” or “Back in my day…” Although Kenny was paying attention to grandpa’s story, his mind was thinking about his mother.  He wondered if she was safe back at their home.  What would she think if she saw Kenny sitting beside his grandpa? Wow, she would be mad!

All of a sudden, a piece of wood fell from the ceiling.  “Wow…that hasn’t happened in months.  I’ll have to fix that” grandpa said.  I shyly replied “ya, you should probably fix that pretty soon.” But as Kenny spoke those words, the floor started crumbling.  The ceiling crashed down onto them and in all the commotion Kenny fell through one of the cracks.  He passed out when he hit the ground.  There he lay on a rock ground unconscious in the depths of the earth where the only light was the lava.  The lava that was creeping toward him.  Slowly but surely it would gulp up Kenny and he would be taken into the depths of the lava where he would never be able to escape. 

While he lay there unable to move, he slowly regained consciousness and thought to himself… What is happening? Where has my grandpa been?  Maybe I should have stayed home? But as these thoughts went through his head he fell back into an unconscious sleep. 

To be continued…