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Short Term Disability Benefits

Short term disability benefits (“STD”) provide a weekly income replacement benefit provided pursuant to a short term disability insurance policy. Each policy may be different. Most offer between 15-26 weeks of benefits of following the onset of a disability.

These benefits are often offered by your employer and can provide between 60-100% of your income while you are unable to return to work. You can also obtain your own policy of insurance regardless of whether you are employed or self employed.

In order to be eligible for short term disability benefits, you will be required to provide evidence that you are disabled from returning to your occupation during the period of entitlement. This evidence is usually in the form of a record or notes provided by your family doctor or specialist.

Where your policy also offers long term disability benefits, you typically make a separate application and the claim will be transferred to the long term disability claims department. For more information about long term disability benefits, see our long term disability benefits blog.

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